Stefan Doering is a true innovator, demonstrating business acumen in environmental business and sustainability since 1988.  He is an expert in teaching and coaching green businesses in three major areas:  1) innovating powerful green business models, 2) crafting and implementing marketing and positioning strategies for bringing green to mainstream, and 3) creating a consistently profitable and sustainable business.

Key Business Sustainability Accomplishments:

  • Hosted the NY Business Plan Competition for the NYC region to all NYC students, 2017 & 2018
  • Developed green intrapreneurship strategy for General Motors that was included in their final bailout plan presented to Congress in December, 2008
  • Business coaching a variety of businesses with programs having reached almost 2,000 business innovators in 13 countries
  • Launching online, gamified entrepreneur education curriculum to universities integrating sustainability.
  • Teaching landmark Sustainable Entrepreneur Training course for undergraduates at State University of New York (SUNY) Stony Brook to undergraduates.  3 credit required course.
  • Taught landmark courses on green entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship at Columbia University’s Center for Environmental Research and Conservation
  • Taught courses for small businesses at the Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation (ITAC), a leading non-profit in NYC for small business development
  • Certified facilitator and “green” advisor for the Kauffman Foundation, the world’s largest non-profit entrepreneurial training organization.
  • Pioneered green retailing, growing it to one of the largest green retail companies in the US, selling over 3,500 different products screening for their environmental impact.
  • Guest speaker / panelist on topics ranging from how to start a green company to Corporate Sustainability to “greening” the music industry
  • Advisor and/or presenter at NYU/PolyTech’s ACRE, Green Spaces, Green Drinks NYC and Pratt Institute’s green incubators in New York City
  • Co-founder of Manhattan Chamber of Commerce’s Green Finance Subcommittee
  • In mid-90’s Director of the Board for the Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment (BCUE), a large urban environmental education non-profit
  • In 1990, co-founded the first council for sustainable businesses in New York City
  • In 1986 launched One Earth, an environmental education non-profit for early adoption of intensive recycling programs in NYC

A couple of projects:

  1. Shift Group’s Genesis online game for teaching entrepreneurship, using sustainability.
Trailer of Genesis — 104 seconds

2. Testimonials from entrepreneurs I have helped over the years:

Business Coaching Testimonials: 71-seconds